On August 28th, 2015, Gulf South Rising (GSR) & Deep South Center for Environmental Justice. will host a Climate Justice Convergence as part of the Katrina 10 Commemoration.  The purpose is to cultivate and connect young leaders who will carry forward the fight for justice, resilience and resistance in the Gulf South in the face of climate change. The all day convergence will offer trainings and community building for participants, and provide opportunities for individuals to learn about the work Gulf South Rising and its partners are doing both locally and nationally. Though not exclusive to young people, this intergenerational event aims to lift up youth leaders and put youth experience at the forefront. In addition to the To register to attend the Climate Justice Convergence click here or the image above.   The Climate Justice Convergence is apart of the various other Katrina 10 Week of Action events.  Click here to find out more information about the GSR Week of Action events.

When & Where?: Friday, August 28, Dillard University

Who?: All who care about justice and environmental sustainability are invited to attend and/or assist with coordination. The event is being planned by a growing group of local and national organizations connected to Gulf South Rising & Deep South Center for Environmental Justice.

What’s the Agenda?

I. Opening Plenary  – 50 minutes
• Indigenous leaders open the space and introduce us to the land we are on.
• Gulf South Rising leadership (a mix of youth & adults) sets the tone and sets the frame for the convergence.

II. Learning Block 1: Political Education & Skills Share – 2 hours
• Interactive workshops, presentations, skills trainings, and hands-on learning. Participants self-select into different sessions. Submit session proposals here.

Lunch & Cultural Exchanges  - 1 hour

III. Community Building (two simultaneous tracks) - 2 hours

Track 1)    Frontline Assemblies

Track 2)    Community building spaces to produce and share art-making for Saturday’s commemoration.

V. Closing - 30 min –

VI. Art Build Party - open until 9pm - Music and hanging out while art is built for the march


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