Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) Engage Resilient Communities in North America

July 9-11, 2012 — The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) hosted the Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) Workshop in New Orleans, July 9—11, 2012.  This year citizens, non-government organizations, government and academics came together to discuss how individual communities across North America are building resilience to environmental change and disaster, and how policymakers are working to support these efforts.

Dr. Beverly Wright, served on the Resilient Communities in North American Panel, addressing Justice and Equity in the Face of Climate Change. The topic sparked engaging dialogue from workshop participants.  A question was posed, how do we avoid inequity in spending after a disaster? Dr. Wright responded, “communities must organize, mobilize, and work with leaders making decisions to ensure the voice of the community is heard.”

drwright_challenge Dr. Beverly Wright challenges Climate Change Justice and Equity disparities at CEC meeting.

DSCEJ Environmental Justice Intern, Payton Wilkins, represented Dillard University during the Public Forum Exchange. He shared with the audience how the DSCEJ at DU has helped build resiliency for residents, non-government organizations, students, and volunteers in Gulf Coast communities through seminars, trainings, and workshops.
ej_intern EJ Intern, Payton Wilkins, gives overview of the DSCEJ’s response to community resiliency.


The meeting was designed to be a highly participatory experience for attendees. Activities included panel discussions, personal testimonies, brainstorming of ideas and crafting recommendations for CEC Council Members.  Three cabinet-level ministers from Canada, Mexico, and the United States shared their thoughts and answered questions in an open dialogue on variety of topics dealing with community and ecosystem resilience.

The CEC is an intergovernmental organization that supports the cooperative environmental agenda of Canada, Mexico, and the United States to green North America’s economy, address climate change through promoting a low-carbon economy and protect its environment and the health of its citizens.


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