Dr. Wright Special Apprearances and Awards

Dr. Beverly Wright Testifies Before The Subcommittee On Superfund And Environmental Health Of The Senate Regarding Environmental Justice
In July of 2007, Dr. Wright represented thousands of Hurricane Katrina survivors who are struggling to address post-Katrina environmental contamination and risk reduction concerns in New Orleans at the Subcommittee on Superfund and Environmental Health of the Senate Regarding Environmental Justice headed up by Senator Hillary Clinton. She addressed the critical issues of health and environmental restoration, economic development, job training and placement related to environmental clean-up with special attention given to issues of race and class.

Dr. Beverly Wright Serves On Environmental Justice Braintrust Panel During The Congressional Black Caucus Conference
Senator and presidential hopeful Barack Obama drew a large crowd for his session on global warming. More than 1,000 people crowded in to hear Obama call for a comprehensive study of climate change impacts on low-income communities. But the best discussion of the day came from an annual panel called the Environmental Justice Braintrust. Dr. Beverly Wright was among many panelists ranging from policy makers to medical professionals to civil rights attorneys, all of whom have been working to fight environmental injustice for decades.

Dr. Beverly Wright Receives the 2006 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leadership Award
Dr. Wright received the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leadership Award in September 2006. Shortly before Hurricane Katrina, Beverly Wright?s mother and only brother died. Then the storm destroyed her home and office. Beverly Wright looked beyond her personal tragedy and loss, and focused instead on the environmental issues that threatened low lying areas, and the health of the mostly minority and low-income people who live there. In early 2006 she initiated a project that involved collaboration with the United Steel Workers Union as well as with volunteer, faith-based, and neighborhood organizations. It was a pilot clean-up effort on Aberdeen Road in New Orleans East. More than 180 volunteers showed up for training and work. Tainted soil was removed from each yard and replaced with new topsoil and sod and contaminated dirt was safely removed as part of the "A Safe Way Back Home" project. It resulted in a cleaner street, the return of residents, and many requests from other communities for a similar program.

Dr. Beverly Wright Recieves the  2003 Distinguished Alumni Award for the State University of New York at Buffalo

The Deep South Center for Environmental Justice is proud to announce our very own, Dr. Beverly Wright, was selected as a 2003 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient. She was among seven distinguished alumni from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo to be honored.  She received her Ph.D. in sociology in 1977 from (SUNY). Dr. Wright was recognized for her contributions to the environmental justice movement nationally and internationally. Her community-sensitive environmental justice training programs and hazardous waste Worker Training programs have helped to improve the quality of life for environmentally  impacted communities across the United States. On Friday, April 4, 2003 an awards ceremony was held at the Buffalo/Niagara Marriott in Buffalo, New York.


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