HBCUs Descend on DC for People’s Climate March

Over 200,000 people gathered in Washington, DC on April 29, 2017 to send a message to President Trump that we will resist attacks on our people, our communities and our planet. The HBCU Climate Change Consortium organized over 200 faculty mentors and students representing 15 HBCUs participating in the People’s Climate March (PCM). Dr. Beverly Wright, Director of the Dillard University Deep South Center for Environmental Justice and Dr. Robert Bullard, Professor of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy at Texas Southern University are founders of the Consortium. HBCUs represented were Alabama State University, Alcorn State University, Bethune-Cookman University, Claflin University, Clark-Atlanta University, Dillard University, Florida A & M University, Grambling State University, Howard University, Morehouse College,  South Carolina State University, Southern University A & M, Baton Rouge, Spelman College, Texas Southern University, and Virginia State University. On Friday, April 28th at Howard University, students, faculty and community leaders participated in Environmental Justice for All, HBCUs Leading the Climate Fight Youth Convergence organized by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the HBCU Climate Change Consortium, the Hip Hop Caucus, and the People’s Climate Movement. Featured guest panelists were Congressman Donald McEachin, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Hip Hop Caucus, Naomi Klien, author of The Shock Doctor, Tina Johnson, USCAN, Mustafa Ali, Hip Hop Caucus, Dr. Beverly Wright, Dillard University, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, and Dr. Robert Bullard, Texas Southern University. Student panelists included Payton Wilkins, Dillard University Alum, Leah Clarke, Clark-Atlanta University, Savannah Thomas, Howard University, Rashad Grimes, Alabama State University, Lauren Wiggins, Tennessee State University Alum, and Martaze Gaines, Morehouse College. The panelists addressed the topic, This is our Issue… panelists said our children are lead poisoned, our communities have elevated asthma rates, poor air quality, no access to grocery stores, no access to transportation, no health care, and our people are dying. Due to sea-level rise, it is predicted that in the next fifty (50) years, lower line communities in Louisiana will no longer exist. We are fighting for our very existence.

On Saturday, April 29th HBCU students and faculty represented Environmental Justice Frontline Communities at the front of the PCM marching down Pennsylvania Avenue from Capitol Hill to the Washington Monument. The students brought energy and passion to the March as they chanted “HBCU, CLIMATE CHANGE IS TRUE.” Chrissy Wiggs, a Dillard University Psychology, Junior said, “Being a part of the March for Climate Change empowered me to share the critical issues with members in my community and to let them know Climate Change is real and it is happening.” Dr. Robert Bullard encouraged the students to stand in unity, “We are in this together, middle income, little income, no income. We must use our research, science and education for liberation”!!!

Videos from the People’s Climate March

Environmental Justice In Action… HBCUs Leading the Climate Fight Youth Convergence at Howard University

2017 People’s Climate March, Washington, DC April 29th

Experts Oppose Entergy’s Power Plant Plan

On Friday, January 6, 2017, an electric utility economist with a background in engineering, a geology professor who specializes in the local and regional impacts of land subsidence, and experts in environmental health and sociology filed testimonies in opposition to Entergy‘s plan for a new gas power plant. Entergy has applied to the New Orleans City Council for approval to build the proposed New Orleans Power Station (“NOPS”), a combustion turbine gas power plant, near residential neighborhoods in New Orleans East. The experts’ testimonies were filed on behalf of the Alliance for Affordable Energy, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice and the Sierra Club, groups that are intervenors in the Entergy gas power plant case before the City Council.

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Environmental Justice Groups oppose Trump's Nominee for EPA

January 17, 2017

trump epa nominee opposed

As the African American leaders of environmental justice organizations, we urge the Senators serving on the Environment and Public Works Committee to oppose the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We are outraged that Mr. Pruitt promises to set back and dismantle the policies and programs we have worked for more than 30 years to develop with community organizations across the nation. These policies were developed pursuant to both federal civil rights laws and environmental laws in order to remove racial disparities in environmental protection.

As you know, the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee has scheduled a hearing on January 18, 2017 to examine the nomination of Mr. Pruitt to the office of the EPA Administrator by President-Elect Donald Trump. There is nothing in Mr. Pruitt’s record as the current Oklahoma State Attorney General to demonstrate that he would be dedicated to the mission of the EPA, which is to protect human health and the environment. Nor does his career indicate any action to improve environmental conditions in people of color communities, who are disproportionately burdened with pollution.

Mr. Pruitt seeks to rise to the position of EPA Administrator as a reward for his efforts to block the EPA from mitigating the harmful effects of pollution “outside the fence-line” of toxic industries. Let’s be clear: the people who live beyond the fence of polluting industrial facilities and suffer the acute, chronic, cumulative and synergistic effects of exposure to pollution are predominantly African American and other people of color.


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