Experts Oppose Entergy’s Power Plant Plan

On Friday, January 6, 2017, an electric utility economist with a background in engineering, a geology professor who specializes in the local and regional impacts of land subsidence, and experts in environmental health and sociology filed testimonies in opposition to Entergy‘s plan for a new gas power plant. Entergy has applied to the New Orleans City Council for approval to build the proposed New Orleans Power Station (“NOPS”), a combustion turbine gas power plant, near residential neighborhoods in New Orleans East. The experts’ testimonies were filed on behalf of the Alliance for Affordable Energy, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice and the Sierra Club, groups that are intervenors in the Entergy gas power plant case before the City Council.

patrick luckowPATRICK LUCKOW ENGINEER UTILITY ECONOMIST Synapse Energy Economics, Inc.

On alternative sources of electric supply that meet reliability needs: “Transmission reinforcements provided an additional level of supply security to the Company and its customers, through the ability to import generation from regions less affected by storm outages. NOPS would not be designed without black start capability that could assist in bringing power back to the area after an outage. High voltage transmission upgrades can be completed to be resistant to high winds and flooding, and are not susceptible to local fuel supply limitations or to the flooding that has historically been a problem at the Michoud site.” READ MORE

george thurstonDR. GEORGE THURSTON PROFESSOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE Expert on Health Effects of Air Pollution

“In addition to lung damage, recent epidemiological and toxicological studies of PM2.5 air pollution have shown adverse effects on the heart, including an increased risk of heart attacks. . . .The potential health effects of PM2.5 emissions from the new plant cannot be dismissed. Because of their high ultrafine fraction, their composition, and the likely co-presence of acidic vapors, they potentially could be more toxic than other forms of particulate matter. . . .I therefore conclude that, to the extent that the proposed facility will emit additional levels of PM2.5, it will cause an increase in the risk of adverse health effects among those who breathe that pollution, and especially for those who live within the most affected areas immediately surrounding the plant.” READ MORE


Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, Inc. “Entergy’s proposed power plant would have a racially discriminatory effect. . . . Entergy intends to build this gas power plant without any public process for assessing the risks and adverse impacts of this gas power plant on human health, public safety, the environment, and flood control infrastructure. The proposed New Orleans Power Station has not undergone any environmental review by a regulatory agency that provides the public or community stakeholders with the opportunity to analyze the impacts, identify alternatives, or even mitigate adverse impacts.” READ MORE


Expert on Land Subsidence There is “the potential for the proposed NOPS to further contribute to subsidence at the NOPS site, in the surrounding community, and potentially in New Orleans' recently upgraded storm risk reduction system.” READ MORE


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