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Former Environmental Justice Intern Brittany Cochran testified before Congressman Ed Markey, Chair of the House Select Committee on Global Warming. She shared her testimony of increased hurricane activity in New Orleans due to global warming and how Hurricane Katrina devastated her college campus, family, and community (November 2 – 5, 2007).

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Former DSCEJ Environmental Justice Intern, Brittany Cochran was featured in the September 2006 issue of Seventeen Magazine. Her work with the DSCEJ has given her the passion to share her knowledge about the devastating impact of global warming. In her interview with Seventeen Magazine Brittany quoted "I'm from a rural area in Louisiana where everybody's poor. When you went to school, they'd say if you got good grades, you might be able to get a good job at one of the chemical plants in town but they never told us how those factories are poisoning our earth or that they're the reason why our parents and grandparents have cancer. They never told us the truth. That is what I'm setting out to do. Having a healthy place t live isn't a privilege...it's a right."


Former Environmental Justice Intern, Melony Lewis, from Memphis, TN was a part of a ten person team to travel with the environmental group Greenpeace to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg, South Africa August 26, 2001. The WSSD had close to 60,000 government leaders, national delegates, businessmen, non-governmental organizations, and concerned activists. They discussed ways to preserve our natural resources, and look for solutions to some of the biggest problems facing the earth, such as global warming and economic security. Melony petitioned for clean energy options and to persuade governments to resist pressure from big corporations.

"Using clean energy is Important because it will allow for the present generations to insure that our future generations have accessible energy and allow millions of people now to have new access to energy."

Melony, along with other young activists, participated in solar power demonstration projects, as well as, took part in lobbying the U.S. delegation to support clean energy solutions. The team met with U.S. Congressional leaders at a Global Forum press event. The main goal of their journey was to show support for developing nations in their quest to find clean energy solutions.


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