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Community Engagement & Advocacy

The partnership called "Communiversity" promotes bilateral understanding and mutual respect between community residents and academicians. 

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Health & Safety Training

In order to create employment opportunities for residents in cleaning up environmental hazards, the DSCEJ developed and has conducted worker health and safety training since 1995.

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Gulf Equity Consortium

The work of this project will be transformative and will be guided by the nexus of three basic principles forming the foundation for our work . . .

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Research and Policy

We develop and manage innovative research and policy studies that build knowledge and inform policies for achieving environmental, climate and economic justice...

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HBCU Climate Change Consortium

The Consortium helps raise awareness about the disproportionate impact of climate change on marginalized communities and works to develop HBCU students leaders.

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International Connection

A vital component and ever expanding network of Environmental Justice professionals.

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Navigate NOLA

Navigate NOLA is the social and emotional community wellness division of DSCEJ Inc.

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Dr. Beverly Wright talks to Black News Channel About Climate Change

Addressing environmental and health inequities using a racial equity lens.

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The Latest

Aug 7, 2022

DSCEJ Shines Light on Both the Promises and Threats in the Inflation Reduction Act for EJ Communities, Calls for Bold Action

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 7, 2022   NEW ORLEANS, LA – Today, in response to the FY2022 Budget Reconciliation Bill approval, Dr. Beverly Wright, Executive Director of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ), released the following statement:    “Today’s Senate vote holds both promises and threats for environmental justice communities. The Inflation Reduction Act includes grants and other funds intended for communities harmed by pollution and vulnerable to climate change. Funds to reduce legacy pollution and ramp up renewable energy are some of the key benefits provided in the Act. It will require close monitoring and support to ensure that communities actually benefit.   “The full benefit, however, is threatened by other investments in the Inflation Reduction Act. These investments pour billions of dollars into industries that threaten the health and safety of Black and other communities of color, and worsen the climate crisis. The Act funds carbon waste projects that are planned for the continuation and expansion of the coal, oil, and gas industry. These projects create new hazards for communities and have a record of failure to mitigate climate change.   “Now more than ever, we need bold action that does not compromise on environmental and climate justice for ourselves and future generations.”   ###   About the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice Families in the Gulf Coast deserve to live in communities that are free from deadly air and are more resilient to climate change and extreme weather. The Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ) works to empower and engage communities to put environmental justice and equity at the center of all climate action. Led by environmental justice scholar and advocate, author, civic leader and professor of Sociology Dr. Beverly L. Wright, the DSCEJ uses research, education, and community and student engagement to advocate for policy change, lead health and safety training for environmental careers, develop social and emotional community wellness programs, and create new and environmentally healthy opportunities for the residents of communities disproportionately impacted by historic environmental injustice. ...

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Jul 28, 2022

Statement from the DSCEJ on the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 28, 2022 NEW ORLEANS, LA –  In response to today’s reporting on the status of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 Dr. Beverly Wright, Executive Director of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, released the following statement: “"In the Gulf Coast and across the United States, Black and other communities of color are fighting for their health and safety in the shadows of industrial polluters. Today, this fight has gained more support from Senators, but it is far from over. The Senate’s Inflation Reduction Action is one step forward on environmental justice, but it includes some steps back with tax credits for polluting industries. We are deeply concerned about the future legacy pollution that would result from these tax credits that allow the continued burning of coal, oil and gas with inherently risky carbon capture projects and new hydrogen production facilities. We need bolder action to achieve environmental and climate justice for ourselves and future generations.”...

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Jul 20, 2022

DSCEJ Urges President Biden to Declare a Climate Emergency as Administration Announces Executive Actions to Address Climate Crisis

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Today, in response to President Biden announcing upcoming executive actions aimed at combating the climate crisis and extreme heat while creating clean energy jobs in offshore wind, Dr. Beverly Wright, Executive Director of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ), released the following statement:  “While DSCEJ is dismayed at Congress’ inaction to fight the climate crisis, we applaud President Biden for taking action through the executive orders announced today. In particular, President Biden announced that FEMA will double the funding to the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) program as part of Justice40, marking an important step in ensuring communities that need funding for climate and clean energy the most are the ones receiving investments. As we engage grassroots communities as part of our Justice40 commitment, we are looking forward to the opportunity to continue working with the Biden administration to ensure a just Justice40 implementation.  “In addition, the expanded investment in HHS’ Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), combined with clean energy job creation in expanded offshore wind opportunities in the Gulf Coast, will help provide much needed short-and-long-term relief for communities of color along the Gulf Coast that have suffered the brunt of environmental injustice for far too long.  “Still, as the Gulf Coast and the rest of the country face intense heat waves this week and throughout the summer, we urge the administration to go a step further and fully declare a climate emergency in order to provide the full resources needed to make sure all climate action is in line with environmental justice goals.”...

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