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Research and Policy Studies

The Deep South Center for Environmental Justice develops and manages innovative research and policy studies that build knowledge and inform policies for achieving environmental, climate and economic justice in the Louisiana Mississippi River Chemical Corridor and the Gulf Coast Region. 

The Center has a long history of valuable research that has produced the following:
  • The first maps showing the correlation between toxic pollution and race in the Mississippi River Chemical Corridor;
  • Environmental impact assessments of proposed industrial projects on nearby communities of color and poor communities; and
  • Data showing racial disparities in environmental health and climate vulnerabilities.
The Center studies local, state, federal and international policies to create opportunities for communities to have a voice in improving their environment, health and lives. The Center works collaboratively with communities for environmental, climate and economic policies that support the following:
  • Meaningful and effective public participation in governmental decision-making;
  • Healthful outcomes and the reduction of toxics and greenhouse gases; and
  • Economic justice and just transition.
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