Monique Harden, Esq.

Assistant Director of Law and Policy

Monique Harden is the Assistant Director of Law and Policy at the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice.  Ms. Harden manages strategic litigation, community engagement, and public policy advocacy to defend and advance environmental justice in the Gulf Region of the United States. She also serves as the Community Engagement Program Manager.

Ms. Harden has more than 20 years of achievements in the practice of law that have helped predominantly African American communities win significant environmental justice victories. She is the former co-director and attorney of Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, an innovative public interest law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana, that won an important international ruling on environmental racism in the United States as a violation of basic human rights. In the aftermaths of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil drilling disaster, Monique Harden has spearheaded coalitions advocating for governmental adoption of human rights standards to ensure the recovery of people displaced by climate-induced disasters and harmed by industrial hazards. She has authored papers and lectured on the rights of people to live in a healthy environment and the duty of government to protect these rights vis-à-vis the U.S. Constitution, international human rights laws, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disability Act, and environmental laws.

Ms. Harden received a BS from St. John's College and a JD from The University of Texas School of Law.
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